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If you haven't tried LED grow lights yet, we can help you start to sort through the myriad of different types of products out there, from the least expensive to the most expensive.   Which type of LED grow light will benefit you the most?   We will point you in the right direction, even if it's not to our LED grow lights

Have you tried LED grow lights but weren't impressed?  We can give you some insights on why you should reconsider LED grow lights.

Contact Happy Leaf LED for a free consultation.  This won't be a sales call.  Promise. 

Our trial program is available to businesses who are interested in seeing for themselves what makes our Happy Leaf lights so great. We often hear and say, “the proof is in the pudding,” so we are willing to offer some proof.

The gist of the trial offer is we will send your business up to four lights for a 60-day trial. Your only obligation is to pay for the shipping upfront and allow us to advise on the setup process. We will ask for a credit card number to be in our file, but it will not be charged until after the 60 day period. If you decide you don’t want the lights, you are responsible for shipping them back in their original condition.

Microgreens growers as well as growers of all types of plants will appreciate the benefits of finely-tuned spectrums available with Happy Leaf LEDs. While many microgreen varieties have a quick production cycle, others, especially herb varieties, can take longer.  To help decrease the production cycle, but also improve the root strength and the flavor, all while keeping operating energy costs low, optimized LED lighting will take things to a new level for the ambitious vertical farmer.