We are saving a lot on electricity with these super energy efficient lights...hopefully as we grow, we can continue to source these really incredible lights.
— Adam Pollack, Closed Loop Farms, Chicago
I used the original Happy Leaf LED light when I was offered a sample to try out, and I was immediately hooked! It’s not just the great results I saw from giving my plants optimum light spectrums, but there is not heat from the lights, they’re energy efficient, and they’re so much easier to adjust and store than my fluorescent light setup. Because they are compact and lightweight, I can move my Happy Leaf lights anywhere.
— Susan Appleget Hurst, Editor of Country Gardens© magazine
Happy Leaf LEDs have improved the growth of our greens from seedling to harvest. The biggest improvement is in our seedlings - they are sturdier and fuller - which gets the whole grow cycle off on the right foot.
— Joel Love, Urban Greens, New Canada, Minnesota
The effect of these lights can only be matched by a clear day during the summer. We have used this light to grow pounds and pounds of fresh lettuce in our basement without any natural light during the winter. The resulting plants were so impressive in size and taste. Who knew lettuce can be so crispy and aromatic using so few resources?
— Johann R. + Anna G. - Urbana, IL
As a master grower, I am very impressed with the Happy Leaf light. This is cutting-edge technology with very efficient yet powerful results.
— Nick Greens - Chicago, IL
Thanks to the V2 light from Happy Leaf LED, not only did our outdoor seedlings get a head start, but our hydroponic plants provided us with fresh, leafy salads while we waited for the Chicago winter to release its grip on our backyard. The efficiency of these lights is impressive. Count me as a satisfied customer.
— Mike Nowak, "The Mike Nowak Show" - Chicago, IL
These lights really work. The other LED lights I’ve tested are really just colorful. Happy Leaf lights are the way to go.
— Joe Dirt's Organics & Hydoponics
I purchased two V2 lights and turned my large bedroom closet into a passive hydroponic garden. We grew organic healthy leafy greens all winter for pennies a month in electricity! It was so easy! I highly recommend Happy Leaf products!
— Kathy B. - Baldwin, MI
In addition to having outstanding grow lights, Happy Leaf was extremely helpful with advice. I enjoy a very productive 3 level garden that keeps us in high quality fresh lettuce and herbs year round. Maintenance is incredibly low with a replant every 3 months and zero attention in between.
— David B. - West Chicago Suburbs, IL
These lights are great. The results are incredible. I have results that exceed 1 gram per watt.
— Perpetual Gardens - Lansing, MI

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