Procyon Yield MAX

Procyon Yield MAX


For your best yields with low power draw, use the Procyon Yield MAX setup with five of the 33” Procyon lights.

PAR energy levels that fully meet the needs of plants from vegetative through the final stages.

  • 900 umoles/square m-sec (150 mm below) - Evenly distributed.

  • Vegetative growth area: 48 x 48 in

  • Flowering growth area: 36 x 36 in

  • 260 watt power supply, 24 VDC: 100-240 VAC +277 VAC custom option, mounted on 24” x 4” powder coated steel bracket for placement and hanging

    • Bracket allows even and stabilized placement for the 5 individual lights, with stainless steel screws. Simple assembly.

  • Weight: 15 lbs, not including ratchet ropes and clips for hanging

  • Power Supply UL Class P Certified

  • 5 Year Replacement Warranty

  • Made in USA

  • Minimum 50,000 Hour lifespan

  • See Specifications for 33” Procyon light for detailed LED specs, beam angle and dimensions of individual lights.

  • Includes 2 ratcheting ropes with 2 V clips for hanging. (1/8” rope, 6ft, fully adjustable and locking)

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