Quick Start


Happy Leaf lights operate very simply – just plug in the light and it will emit the exact wavelengths that plants need to thrive. For each type of plant and its stage of growth, adjust the light appropriately. 

Full Plant Growth

To encourage growth, most plants require approximately 200 micromoles per square meter per second of PAR. Keep the light approximately 5 - 8 inches from any plants that need to grow. Adjust as the plant grows. 

Seed starting & Winter Supplemental Light

Seed starting requires approximately 30-60 micromoles per square meter per second of PAR. Place the light approximately 20 inches from seed starting flats. The powerful V2 light will provide enough light to start three (3) standard flats. Depending on the environment, supplemental heat may be required.

Happy Leaf lights are an excellent source of supplemental light when plants are wintered inside. The recommended height is also 20 inches from the plant, but should be monitored and adjusted based on individual plant growth.