What to Know About Indoor Growing

Which fertilizers work best for passive hydroponics?

  • Maxigrow by General Hydroponics is very easy to use.   
  • Botanica Pure Blend Pro Grow (organic)
  • Aurora Soul Grow (organic)
  • NOTE:  many organic fertilizers are NOT suitable for passive hydroponics.

When and how do you refill water and nutrients in passive hydroponic containers?

  • The water/nutrient mix only needs to be replenished when it is just about to be used up.
  • The roots are fine if they are exposed to air.  In fact, you should not refill the container all the way to the top.  Always leave some air for the roots (at least 1 inch is a general guideline).
  • More mature plants will require more frequent watering.  Seed starting and the first 2-3 weeks of growth will require almost no additional water/nutrients.
  • When using powdered nutrients, be sure to mix them thoroughly.


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