17" Happy Leaf Procyon Benefits

How does Happy Leaf's Procyon Series 17" light stack up against a standard fluorescent light?

Whether you're looking for a simple seed starting setup, 

or the power to fuel full growth, Happy Leaf lights get the job done.

Check out the comparison chart below to see for yourself.

Happy Leaf 17" Procyon Series 

Happy Leaf 17" Procyon Series 

Standard Seed Starting Light

Standard Seed Starting Light

Price                 $129 (Optional stand sold separately +$20)                       $149 


Made in USA Yes No


Warranty 5 Years 90 Day Guarantee


Bulb/LED Lifespan 50,000 Hours 10,000 Hours


Environmental Impact None Mercury


Light Specification  Full Spectrum (450nm blue, 660nm red, lime green) Wide Spectrum (White Fluorescent)                                              


PAR Energy 560 UMoles/Square M-Sec (4 inches below) 150 UMoles/Square M-Sec (4 inches below)


Power Draw 30 Watts 40 Watts


Seed Starting Area 6 Square Feet 3 Square Feet


Full Growth Area 4 Square Feet Limited to Seed Starting Only


No Fail Solid State Design Yes No