Interesting Greens and Herbs We Have Tried

We had a great time at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania this year! It was exciting to hear from so many people who bought our lights last year and hearing their success stories. We also came home with a bunch of cool seed varieties to put to the test under our lights! Here are some of the more impressive ones we trialed:


Mizuna ‘Miz America’ f1

This Asian red mustard green is as strikingly beautiful as it was easy to grow. It looks amazing in salad mixes due to its deep dark leaves which are as close to black as we have ever seen on a leafy green. The taste is slightly pungent. They germinated in a super quick 2 days.


Pak Choi ‘Prize Choi’

Love me some pak choi in my stir fry! This variety is upright and skinny vs. wide and sprawling which means that not only can I fit more jars on my shelf but it is great tasting to boot.


Lettuce ‘Winter Density’

This is a beautiful looking heirloom that quickly filled the jar with its whorls of green goodness.


Lettuce ‘Gentilina’

Another heirloom gem. It is a loose leaf variety with a lot of versatility. It was a very strong performer for us and we had big salads off this one in no time!


Lettuce ‘Flashy Trout Back’

Ok. Let’s be honest. I grew this initially because it has a cool name. But as it grew, I was equally intrigued by its coloration, vigor and flavor. If you are looking for an interesting romaine variety to grow - look no further.


Lettuce ‘Jester’

This crisphead is almost as cool looking as the ‘FTB’ above but it makes up for it in equal vigor and being slightly more crunchy.


Amaranth ‘Polish’

Typically grown as a microgreen, we wanted to push the envelope. It did lose its vibrant shade of magenta as it grew but it was still attractive. If anyone has an edible application for mature plants, let me know!


Parsley ‘Giant of Italy’

BIGGEST. PARSLEY. LEAVES. EVER. The plant itself wasn’t overly tall or full but those leaves provide bulk and would make an impressive garnish.


Kale ‘Dwarf Vates’

This is a great variety. It is super curly and compact and also really quick to finish and has good flavor. Of all of the kale varieties I have grown, this one is at the top o’ the list.


Basil ‘Rosie’

Deep, dark, purple folliage makes this basil a real beauty. It took a little longer to germinate than the others but that isn’t uncommon and it was worth the wait.