It's about the light.

Introducing Procyon

Advanced LED Grow Lights

Available in 3 new sizes. Advanced features to help your plants grow bigger, faster, and better. Optically-tuned ultra-thin LEDs. 50,000+ hour Life Cycle. 5-Year Warranty.

Advanced Design
Procyon Series' sleek frame is hulled from aluminum and its housing is designed to minimize side glaring lights.
Advanced Growing
Procyon Series shines 15% more PAR energy than our previous V2 Light for even faster plant growth.
Advanced Engineering
Happy Leaf™ designs the Electrolytic Capacitor inside the Power Supply to help prevent power failure, keeping your plants happy.
Advanced Technology
Procyon Series Lights are optically tuned to 660nm red and 450nm blue light spectrums for faster plant growth.

Optically Tuned

Advanced LED Grow Lights