LED lights give your plants exactly the kind of light they require.

The lights last for years and operate at a fraction of the cost of any other light available today. The high quality surface mount LED lights are more energy-efFIcient, reduce energy costs, provide more options for control of plant characteristics, and are safe to operate.

The use of Happy Leaf LED lighting means that only the wavelengths of light corresponding to the absorption peaks of a plant’s typical photochemical processes is used.

Compared to other types of grow lights, LEDs for indoor plants are attractive because they do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat than fluorescent, sodium vapor, or metal halide lighting. This allows LEDs to be placed closer to the plant canopy than other lights. Also, plants under LEDs give off less vapor, as a result of the reduction in heat, and thus the time between watering cycles is longer.

Full Specifications:

  • Tuned to the optimal wavelengths that plants absorb most effciently (450 nm blue and 660 nm red) 
  • Low power usage: draws approximately 27 watts
  • Equivalent par to 150 watt T-5 fluorescent
  • Minimum 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 18 surface-mount leds:  twelve 660 nanometer red/four 450 nanometer blue, plus two broad-spectrum white leds
  • Output par:  200+ micromoles per square meter/per second @12" from light
  • Light beam angle = 80 degrees
  • Seed starting coverage:  36" x 21"
  • Full growth coverage:  12" x 21"
  • Can be powered directly from batteries or a solar system (24-48 volt dc/input voltage) 
  • Self-contained. simply attach power supply and adjust with timer for specific plant needs
  • Uses a ul class 2, low voltage power supply
  • Lightweight (13 oz.) and water resistant
  • 18" x 3.5" x 5/8"
  • 3-Year Warranty