The All-New Light

Happy Leaf LED V2

Optically Tuned
By nature, plants grow optimally underneath red and blue spectrums. That's why we optically tuned our lights with 660nm Red and 450nm Blue LEDs, for both flowering and sustained growing
Commercial Grade
Our lights feature Surface Mount OSRAM® LEDs, which are handpicked by our lighting engineers, from high-end lighting systems for your indoor garden.
50,000 Hour Lifespan
Our lights take a little electricity and give you lots of output. They're also designed to last for years, saving you from replacement bulbs
DualLink Ready
Connect a second light together as you grow. Happy Leaf Lights are designed for expansion.
Water Resistant
For automatic watering cycles
Solar Ready
Plugs into your panel or DC battery packs
Low Temperatures
Plants can sit closer to LED lights
‡ As compared with fluorescent, sodium vapor, and metal halide lighting
Built-in brackets for mounting or hanging
Timer Included
Adaptable for your plant needs
Slim Profile
Designed for a light footprint at 13 oz

The All-New Happy Leaf Light



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3-Year Warranty

36-month warranty
from your purchase date 2

Made in USA

Proudly manufactured
here on our soil

Commercial Grade

For home and
light commercial use 1